Appellate Litigation

Our law firm has assembled a team consisting of many of the best real estate appellate attorneys in the State of New York.

The collective experience of this team has been responsible for winning several landmark decisions in real estate law. These attorneys have won more appellate cases at the Court of Appeals and its subsidiary appellate courts than any other real estate practitioner. In addition, an in-house study using a Westlaw search found that Jeffrey M. Metz has won more real estate appellate cases than any other practicing attorney. Members of this team have participated in over three hundred and fifty appeals and are best known for these dozen landmark cases representing hundreds of others:

  • Making New Law, Appellate Division Finds that Condo Board Not Liable For Repairing Newly Constructed Building and finds that Obligation to Repair Remains with Sponsor; Real Estate Firm Victorious at Trial Level and Appeal
  • New Law Created by Real Estate Law Firm, Evicting Long Term Nuisance Tenant
  • Title Litigation Case Involving An Interpretation of the New York Recording Statute Secured by Real Estate Law Firm
  • Real Estate Law Firm Prevails At Appellate Term Ordering Eviction of Commercial Business that Failed to Properly Follow Lease Requirements In Renewing Lease
  • New Legal Ground Broken by Real Estate Law Firm With Appellate Victory For Attorneys’ Fees On A Stipulation
  • Real Estate Law Firm Prevails at the Appellate Division in Adverse Possession Case of First Impression
  • Winning Settlement Achieved On Behalf Of Coop Sellers In Landmark Housing Discrimination Case
  • New Law Created On Primary Residence Matters by Real Estate Law Firm