Condominium & Cooperative Representation

Our attorneys serve as general counsel to over 250 cooperative and condominium buildings in New York City and its attorneys have been on the forefront of many of the legal issues confronting cooperatives and condominiums for over a generation. Our firm was built to serve the needs of cooperative and condominiums by hiring the best attorneys for every issue where a building may require counsel. Besides our general corporate representation, we have revolutionized the condominium/cooperative representation using our progressive methods such as:

  • Inventing and devising an agreement/process to quicken foreclosure process to either get common charges paid or the property into new unit owners hands.
  • Reducing common charges/maintenance while building a reserve system.
  • Seizing upon new laws that allow savings by using certain materials or standards.
  • Ensuring that both the building and the board are adequately protected using our insurance attorneys combined 60 plus years of insurance experience.
  • Revising and upgrading outdated corporate documents inhibiting a building’s effectiveness in governing itself and its residents’ conduct.
  • Reviewing offering plans, creating bylaws and house rules that anticipate and prevent problems as well as provide for a amicable and smooth process for governance.

Aggressively pursuing avenues of revenue, tapping grants from local and federal governments, utilizing tax breaks and grants, following programs to efficiently manage a building and pursuing other programs and techniques, we have enabled our clients to become models of management profiled in the New York Times and Habitat magazine for their policies.

These methods and others have enabled our attorneys to achieve record breaking savings and successes for cooperatives and condominiums. In one instance, we got a cooperative client a record breaking $21 million grant from the combined resources of City, State, and Federal governments.

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  • Landmark Victories Won by Law Firm Using Arcane Federal Law: Judge Rules Condo Deals Come Under Federal Law; a ‘Game Changer’ Decision
  • Largest Condominium Settlement in New York History Obtained by Real Estate Law Firm
  • Landmark Decision Obtained by Real Estate Law Firm Denying Developer of a License in Order to Preserve the Safety and Interests of Adjacent Condominium Owners
  • Making New Law, Appellate Division Finds that Condo Board Not Liable For Repairing Newly Constructed Building and finds that Obligation to Repair Remains with Sponsor; Real Estate Firm Victorious at Trial Level and Appeal
  • “Watershed Case” Changes Condominium Development
  • First-of-its-Kind Appellate Ruling Obtained Enabling Condominium to Defend Its Ownership of Unit
  • Exhaustive Investigation and Negotiation Results in Cooperator Garnering Exclusive Penthouse Roof Terrace
  • Attorney General’s Office Works With Our Law Firm to Enforce $11 Million Judgment and with the Department of Buildings to Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy For the Building
  • Sponsor Forced To Donate An Additional $21 Million To Repair and Renovate Building and Law Firm Obtains Landlord’s Consent To Have Homeowner Association Board Members
  • Luna Park Assisted in Closing on $68 Million Loan & Grants; Cooperative Obtains Record $21 Million Grant from City, State and Federal Government
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