Foreclosure Litigation Group

Our law firm provides the finest cradle-to-grave residential and commercial foreclosure services in New York. Whether the result be a payment plan, forbearance agreement or recovery of the property, our attorneys ensure the timely and efficient resolution of every matter. Our five-star customer service system guarantees that all attorneys and staff return all telephone calls and emails within 24 hours, as well as providing immediate written updates on all cases.

As one of New York’s premier real estate litigation firms, we have participated and prevailed in some of the most important real estate cases of the new millennium, as reflected in numerous published and unpublished decisions on foreclosure, title litigation and landlord-tenant issues. Our attorneys’ impressive success record in hundreds of proceedings places the firm’s performance among the very best in the profession. These successes have led to our recognition as one of the leading real estate litigation firms in New York, and have resulted in our Martindale-Hubbell AV Rating, our Super Lawyers ranking and our selection into the Bar Registry of Preeminent Lawyers. Traditional lenders, hard loan lenders, condominium boards, insurers, investors, and other real estate professionals rely on our expertise and experience in the recovery of real estate assets securing debt. Our attorneys are fully experienced in all aspects of foreclosure-related matters and practice. Our watchdogs keep a keen eye trained on all the latest developments both in the law and in the marketplace itself, particularly regarding New York’s Mortgage Foreclosure process, title legislation, claims, review, litigation, and sale.

  • Real Estate Law Firm Establishes Multiple Allegations Unmeritorious, Successfully Protecting the Interests of Its Client
  • Residential Mortgage-Backed Security Trust and Its Servicer Successfully Defended
  • Law Firm Maximizes and Collects Surplus Money Funds for Condominium Board After Bank Foreclosure Sale of Condominium Unit
  • Forgery/Fraud Defenses Defeated and Appeal Won for Note Holder in Highly Contested Foreclosure Proceeding
  • Law Firm Gets Lender Paid on Its Unrecorded and Lost Original Mortgage
  • Jury Decides Complex Ownership Dispute
  • Fraud Claim Defeated and CitiMortgage Protected as a Secured Lender
  • Law Firm Causes Prior Mortgage To Be Deemed Void As Against The Premises
  • Action Dismissed Against The Insured On Preliminary Motion To Dismiss
  • Lender Wins Against Plaintiff Trying to Invalidate Mortgage Claiming Forged Signature on Deed
  • After Discovering New Evidence in an Action to Discharge a Client’s Mortgage on the Eve of Trial, Desiderio, Kaufman & Metz, PC Succeeds in Obtaining Court Permission to Amend the Bank’s Answer and Assert New Defenses
  • Representing an Out-of-State Bank after Foreclosure, Desiderio, Kaufman & Metz, PC Evicts All Occupants and Successfully Defends Bank against HPD’s Aggressive Enforcement Litigation
  • Desiderio, Kaufman & Metz, PC Wins Motion to Dismiss Action Seeking Coverage after Claim Denial in Favor of Title Company
  • Desiderio, Kaufman & Metz, PC Defeats Motion to File Late Answer in Case where Defendant Failed to Demonstrate Meritorious Defense; Appellate Court Upholds