Landlord Representation

New York City has the most complex residential and commercial landlord-tenant laws in the world. Our firm provides a full range of services, assisting its clients in navigating the complexities of these laws. Starting from when a client first considers the purchase of a new property, to taking title, and through to the day-to-day management of that building, the firm dedicates itself to protecting the clients’ interests and financially increasing the value of their investment. The firm strives first to prevent litigation, but when it happens, to pursue it aggressively to meet clients’ goals through favorable settlements, facilitated eviction, and aggressive litigation technique, both in the preparation and in the conduct of trials and appeals.

The collective experience of our team has been responsible for winning landmark decisions in real estate law. Our attorneys have won over a thousand cases in housing court, including over 250 appellate court cases, many at the highest court, The Court of Appeals. In addition to participating in some of the most important landlord-tenant decisions during the past decade, our attorneys have written some 90 books on landlord-tenant law, including encyclopedias and the Housing Court Reporter, a thirty year collection, organization, and analysis of over 50,000 landlord-tenant cases used by most regular housing court practitioners and all landlord-tenant judges.

Our ability to obtain successful trial or settlement results is unmatched. Media outlets have named our attorneys among “the best real estate attorneys in New York”, hailing our “prominent real estate attorneys” as “aggressive, tenacious and smart.”

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