Tenant Representation

Our law firm’s aggressive creative lawyering has resulted in many of the most important tenant victories of the 21st century as well as the most trial victories of any tenant law firm in New York City.

Besides participating in some of the most important landlord-tenant decisions during the past decade, our attorneys have written some 90 books on landlord-tenant law, including encyclopedias and the Housing Court Reporter, a thirty year collection, organization, and analysis of over 50,000 landlord-tenant cases used by most regular housing court practitioners and all landlord-tenant judges. Among the firm’s most victorious cases that have created new law or used creative lawyering to prevail are:

  • Our firm created new law on primary residence matters and won at trial and on appeal.the case made the front page of the New York Law Journal which noted that the case made expanded New York law and that the “ruling marks the first time an Appellate Division panel has recognized” that caring for a sick relative is a viable defense to a non-primary residence claim by a landlord. “But the case has even larger implications as it goes against a growing number of ‘frustrating and harmful line of cases’ denying tenants recovery for full legal fees, even when they ultimately prevail on their primary claims.” Read More
  • We used creative legal theory to save a tenant’s Rent Stabilized apartment. Tenants used two apartments as one to prevail in non-primary residence case. “The proximity of the two apartments to each other and to the business created a nexus over which the couple spread their lives equally.” Our attorneys, argued that the fact that the tenant may have been away from the apartment on several nights out of the week did not prevent the apartment from being her primary residence. Read More
  • Law Firm Allows Tenant to Keep “Zoo” in her Apartment, A Manhattan woman was able to keep three dogs and five birds in her Upper West Side apartment, despite the landlord claiming nuisance. Read More
  • Our attorneys Won a Trial by Uncovering the Landlord’s Fraud, Thus Thwarting an Owner’s Case disproving the landlord’s claim that it intended to occupy building as one home when we found newly installed mailboxes, circuit breakers and intercoms for the six other apartments. Read More
  • Despite Family Residing in Brooklyn, Tenant Prevails in Proving that Primary Residence was Chinatown Apartment.

  • Using Victory in Court, Proposing Legislation, Conducting Rallies, and Mobilizing Political Support and Media Attention, Save Harlem Association Obtains Winning & Avoids Settlement
  • Winning Settlement Obtained for Restaurant Struck by Crane on March 15th, 2008
  • New Law Created On Primary Residence Matters by Real Estate Law Firm
  • Tenant’s Home Saved by Real Estate Law Firm Despite Housing a Zoo in Apartment
  • Trial Discovering Fraud By Landlord to Thwart Owner’s Use Case Won by Real Estate Law Firm
  • “They fought on…grinding through excruciating detail and obscure Perry Mason moments”
  • Creative Legal Theory Used by Real Estate Law Firm to Save Tenant’s Rent Stabilized Apartment
  • Eviction of Tenant Prevented and Damages & Attorney Fees Won by Real Estate Law Firm using Federal Law Discrimination Statute
  • Desiderio, Kaufman & Metz, PC Saves Family-Operated Artisanal Bakery from Certain Shutdown
  • Nightmare on Willow Street
  • Tenants Fighting Back Against Illegal Airbnb Rentals Taking Over NYC Apartment Buildings
  • Dan Neiditch Was Paid $705K by Travel Group Tied to Short-Term Rental Scheme at Atelier Condo: Report
  • Inside the Luxury Condo Tower That New York Says Was a Hotbed of Illegal Airbnb Rentals
  • Desiderio, Kaufman & Metz, PC Protects Tenants in 420-Unit Complex Under Rent Stabilization Code
  • The Lawyer Who Investigated a Tourist Takeover of a NYC Condo
  • Carolyn Rualo Named as a New York Law Journal Trailblazer
  • Bye-Bye ‘Yellowstone’?
  • The Newest New York City Real Estate Laws That Property Owners and Occupants Must Know
  • Expanded Memorandum to Clients Regarding New Landlord-Tenant Legislation (Chapters 36 and 39)
  • ‘Altman’ Alters Vacancy Deregulation
  • New Rent Laws Abrogate No-Mitigation Rule in Residential Leases
  • The Current State of Attorneys Fees